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My Sister’s Quilt

January 20, 2010

Here are a few pictures of the quilt for my sister.  I used my collection of Heather Ross Mendocino, and Kona cotton in Azure.  Basically I just cut strips the width of the fabric, sewed them together and put on a border in the solid.  For the back I just used leftover pieces to make up the back.  I chose a simple design so that it would sew up quickly (the top at least!) and to showcase the designs.  For the binding I used some dots from Heather Ross’  Lightening bugs line.  She loves it, and apparently her pup does too!

And speaking of pups, here is a gratuitous shot of ours:

And a Bee update:  All the fabrics are in.  I’m working on cutting them.  I’ve got 3 solids, plus the eight patterned fabrics.  I had picked out a fourth solid, but it isn’t working for me now.  The cutting plan is to cut each fabric into strips of about 6-10 inches wide and 18 or so inches long, and then give everyone an assortment of fabrics.  This should everyone ample fabric to make a block.  I’m gonna leave it up to the girls to make whatever sizes they want, just ask that whatever they make finishes at 12.5″.  How does that sound?  So that would be the equivalent of 16 3.5″ blocks, 4 6.5″ blocks, or 1 12.5″ block.  Or, any combination of those.  So.  That’s the plan.  Of course, I’m nervous that I’ve screwed up somewhere and there won’t be enough fabric, but I think it will be ok.  And if it’s not, hopefully I’ll be forgiven!


Scraptacular fun, a pictorial addendum

September 15, 2009



Holiday Weekend Goings On.

September 7, 2009

I had a rather nice holiday weekend.  I stuck to the whole doing what I want idea, and got a few things done.  Of course, now that I’m sitting on the other side of that, I’m wishing I had done more housework.  Oh well!

I finished the zig zag quilt.  It turned out rather nicely, I think.  I think you can kind of see the stitching.  I think I mentioned it before, but as a recap, I stitched in the ditch diagonally in one direction, and then stitched straight lines on both sides of that the width of the walking foot.  I really like the straight lines, and they work really well with the pattern.

zig zag

I also worked on the quilting bee block.  I’m not sure how I feel about it entirely.  It ended up being really tricky.  I’m inclined to just send it off, but I’m thinking that since it’s still a bit early and I have some time, I’m gonna think on it a little more.  Here is a picture of it in all it’s glory.  Meagan asked for a 12.5×12.5 block of squares, none larger than 3 inches.  

september bee block

What do you think?  I really love the colors, and this really challenged me.  I also made some mistakes in construction as it turns out, though I didn’t realize/discover those until too late.  I might go to quilter prison if anyone finds out!  Ha.  Anyway, I’m hanging onto it for a little while just to make sure I’m comfortable with it….

That’s it for now.  

Progress, plans.

September 4, 2009

I’ve got the binding sewn onto the front of the zig zag quilt, and have started the hand sewing on the back.  Hopefully the long weekend will provide some stretches of TV time so I can finish it up and show it to you by the end of the weekend!  I was going to give it away, but I like it, so I think I’ll hold on to it for a while.  Maybe one day I’ll have use for it.  Or know when the time is right to give it away.

As part of my getting better mentally and physically plan, I’m going to try and do a lot more sewing.  I’ve ordered some more Michael Miller Funky Christmas so I can make some Christmas stockings for myself and Jack (and maybe the cats, or is that too weird?), and maybe a tree skirt if I can find or figure out a pattern for a round one.  I also want to make some napkins  for the annual Christmas Eve dinner at my house, so I need to pick out some solid fabrics for that.  I think I’m going to stop in to G-Street fabrics when I’m in Rockville this weekend to see if they have something suitable.

I’m also going to work on the sewing bee block this weekend.  I think I’ve finally got it figured out. 

I’m going to pick out fabrics this weekend (for reals!) for the manly quilts, and hopefully something will appeal to me for the grandmother quilt as well. 

I’m ALSO going to start on my embroidery.  I don’t know what the best fabric is for this sort of thing, but figure I will do my trial run on some regular old white cotton I have.  No sense in ruining the good stuff.  Then maybe I’ll have a feel for what would work best.  The plan is to frame these things I’m embroidering, so if you have any suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve also got to work on the pattern for my sister’s bag.  I think I’m almost there, but I’ve made such a horrible mess of my sewing room that I haven’t had a good working space lately.  I guess I should get to that this weekend too.

There are tons of things that need to be done around the house, but since it’s a holiday weekend, I’m going to act like I’m on vacation (mostly) and just not worry about it.  Maybe if I’m lucky (or if Jack is, ha!) I’ll do some laundry and go to the grocery store.

My mother and I are also going to check out some store for window coverings for our huge bay window.  Once upon a time I was going to make these, but the project is just too big and too overwhelming.  Wish me luck in finding something that a. works and b. I like, oh, and c. doesn’t cost me my life savings!

And because I have nothing else to offer, a picture of Spike sleeping on the quilt I’m trying to sew.  He refuses to get on the new sofa, or in my lap on the sofa, but as soon as that quilt showed up he was all about it.  What’s up with that?

spike on quilt

p.s.  The picture is not great because it comes from the iPhone which has a craptastic camera.  And that blurry thing on top there, attached the gray body is Shelby, who is trying to furiously lick his brother’s face.

p.p.s.  Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Back to basting.

August 31, 2009

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m trying to finish up the zig zag quilt.  Wow.  That was just written in April.  It seems like that was a lifetime ago!  Though it is already August.  Er.  Almost September.  Anyway.  

I finished the quilt top last weekend I guess, and I decided yesterday after getting the required chores done, I’d baste it.  Only the fabric that I had picked out and bought, and prewashed (a plaid flannel that matched the colors on the front) was too small.  I think it was mostly due to the prewashing.  Apparently flannel shrinks a lot.  So, I had to make an emergency trip to JoAnn’s!  I decided to go with a simple back.  White to be exact, and got some fabric for the binding.  I’m thinking a solid blue but I also got some more of the blue dots on white in case I don’t like the solid binding.  


Anyway, I basted it, and am in the midst of quilting.  I decided (along with some helpful input from my husband) to do some straight lines on the diagonals.  I’ve never done this before, but stippling just wouldn’t have looked right.  

The straight lines are not as forgiving as the stippling, so I’m a little paranoid, but have decided to just let my perfectionist inclinations fall by the wayside and take it for what it is.  A handmade quilt.  The love in it is what matters right?  Not perfect straight lines…. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

A Quilting Bee

August 3, 2009

So.  This morning, I was browsing through my Google Reader, and came upon a post talking about a new quilting bee that is starting up.  Like, just starting up.  Like, needed new members starting up.  I sat and thought about it for a minute, and then with much less thought than I usually give things, I said I’d like to join.   

Was this a totally spontaneous decision?  Not quite.  I mean, directly related to this bee, yes, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.  But I’ve been too chicken to really look into it, other than to admire other ones from afar.  This sort of just fell in my lap, and so I decided to go for it.

I’m scared.  Really scared.  Scared I’ll ruin fabric and quilts and not be able to do what people want.  Though, those of you who are members of this thing as well don’t really need to be scared.  I’m sure I can pull it off.  It’s just that in my latent type A sort of perfectionist personality, I’m shaking in my boots. 

I’m also really excited for a challenge.  Sometimes I need to be forced into new directions.  And this should do it for me.  So, here’s to the beginning of something great, I’m sure.  New ideas, new skills, new friends, new quilts.  It looks like there may be several first-timers, so I’m not totally in over my head.

I’m not going to obsess.  It will be fun and amazing and wonderful!  And I’m sure you’ll be hearing plenty about it as we move along.

Hexagons everywhere.

June 24, 2009

I keep talking about these hexagons, and promising pictures, but it never happens.  Well, today, it is happening.  See what I’ve done so far?  


My hexagons are about 2 1/4 inches.  This is mostly because I had a jelly roll already that I wanted to use up, and being that it is 2 1/2 inches wide, this hexagon size works rather well. 

I used some heavier card stock to make the hexagons.  I’m sure regular paper would work, but the card stock means I can reuse them as I go along.  Probably not forever, but I’m probably getting about 5 uses per hexagon.  More if I’m gentle.  Incidentally, I take out the paper once all the sides of a hexagon are sewn up.  Easier to manipulate this way, without having to bend and ruin the paper pieces.

At first I was cutting the squares of fabric as I needed them, but this was really cramping my style, so I cut all of the printed fabrics, and a healthy bit of the solid brown.  This way I can keep basting and piecing without stopping to cut anything more than the little corners. 

Every where I go I see little fabric corners.  They’re trapped in the carpet, they’re on the sofa, in the bed, the car.  I’m even finding them outside.  I try to be good about picking them up as I go, really, but there are always a few strays.

I’m piecing it together rather haphazardly.  When I need more solid hexagons, I cut off some more brown and baste some solid hexagons, and sew them on to wherever.  When I make a “flower” I sew it on in a place that makes sense.  I’m sure most people would be more organized about this process, but I am liking my method.  It means things don’t get too repetitive, and then I don’t get bored.  

I don’t remember exactly when I started this.  I guess at the end of May.  I’ve haven’t gotten terribly far in the grand scheme of things, but this progress is totally amazing to me.  The fact that I didn’t ball it all up and throw it into a corner is major progress, actually.

I think I’m going to love this when (if?) I finish it.  I think I’m going to go the hand quilting route as well.  How appropriate was it that I just found this?