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Things I’m no good at.

April 10, 2009

There are a lot of things I’m not so great at, but this post will concentrate specifically on zippers and patterns.  Also, this post is likely to work around to how the reason I am no good at these things is that I’m lazy, disorganized and/or impatient. 

Last night, I attempted to follow a pattern and make a little toiletries travel bag.  I used my new pattern tracing kit, and that went alright, I guess.  Except that the pattern pieces are bigger than the chalky tracing papers.  Am I supposed to move these around?  Use several in different colors?  Or, maybe, now that I’m thinking about it.  I should have pinned down the pattern piece?  Or something like that?  Maybe I should read the section about tracing patterns.  So, there’s the solution to that one.  Read twice, cut once, right?  Instead of read never, cut 15 times? 

Next up, zippers.  Once I managed to get workable pattern pieces cut out and realized that I was looking at step number 6 instead of step number 2 (hello, glasses), I pinned everything up, and got to sewing.  It’s hard though, figuring out where the zipper is when it’s hidden between a fabric sandwich.  And also when part of the fabric is rather heavy canvas stuff.  I just couldn’t keep it straight.  In some places, the stitches are too far from the zipper; in other places too close.  The too close part really screws things up.  I guess, though, it’s a learning process, right?

I think the lessons learned here are: read everything at least twice; don’t try a new project right before bedtime; when attempting a new project or technique use familiar fabrics that are easier to work with.