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A quilt for our mother.

April 20, 2009

My sister and I decided to give my mother a quilt for her birthday.  My sister picked out the fabrics, a selection of Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden, and a light green color for the sashing.  I came up with the design, and after approval, proceeded.  I made some mistakes along the way, mostly in the cutting, but in the end, the mistake worked to my advantage and I’m much happier with the way it turned out than I think I would have been otherwise.  

As our celebration dinner was pushed up a week, I spent Friday and Saturday finishing the quilt.  Saturday I sat on the sofa from about 10am on stiching the binding to the back.  I made my last stitch at about 4:30.  Then I threw it in the wash and hoped that I could dry it in time.  We had to leave the house at 5:15.  I managed to get it washed and dried without ruining it.  It was a big hit, and it really turned out so lovely.  Here are pictures.  Keep in mind that these are rushed photographs as we were already running late.  Since I know where it lives, I can take more pictures later.






This was my first real pieced back, and I’m in love with it.  I think I like the back better than the front!  This quilt was a beast.  Even though it wasn’t HUGE (it ended up being about 62″x62″), it was really hard to manage with my little sewing machine.  There just wasn’t a great way to go about quilting it, really.  I couldn’t get a good position.  It was always hanging off the table in one direction or another.  There was so much bunched up into the machine that I couldn’t get good movement.  I’m sure it’s just something that will take practice.  Still, I think that I will stick to smaller ones for a while.  

On to the commission next.