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Hexagons everywhere.

June 24, 2009

I keep talking about these hexagons, and promising pictures, but it never happens.  Well, today, it is happening.  See what I’ve done so far?  


My hexagons are about 2 1/4 inches.  This is mostly because I had a jelly roll already that I wanted to use up, and being that it is 2 1/2 inches wide, this hexagon size works rather well. 

I used some heavier card stock to make the hexagons.  I’m sure regular paper would work, but the card stock means I can reuse them as I go along.  Probably not forever, but I’m probably getting about 5 uses per hexagon.  More if I’m gentle.  Incidentally, I take out the paper once all the sides of a hexagon are sewn up.  Easier to manipulate this way, without having to bend and ruin the paper pieces.

At first I was cutting the squares of fabric as I needed them, but this was really cramping my style, so I cut all of the printed fabrics, and a healthy bit of the solid brown.  This way I can keep basting and piecing without stopping to cut anything more than the little corners. 

Every where I go I see little fabric corners.  They’re trapped in the carpet, they’re on the sofa, in the bed, the car.  I’m even finding them outside.  I try to be good about picking them up as I go, really, but there are always a few strays.

I’m piecing it together rather haphazardly.  When I need more solid hexagons, I cut off some more brown and baste some solid hexagons, and sew them on to wherever.  When I make a “flower” I sew it on in a place that makes sense.  I’m sure most people would be more organized about this process, but I am liking my method.  It means things don’t get too repetitive, and then I don’t get bored.  

I don’t remember exactly when I started this.  I guess at the end of May.  I’ve haven’t gotten terribly far in the grand scheme of things, but this progress is totally amazing to me.  The fact that I didn’t ball it all up and throw it into a corner is major progress, actually.

I think I’m going to love this when (if?) I finish it.  I think I’m going to go the hand quilting route as well.  How appropriate was it that I just found this?


Short Stories for a Stormy Night.

June 3, 2009

A pile of zig zags



an impromptu quilted chair pad, halfway quilted.



a messed up, but easily fixed hexagon



and kittens after our toes.


Goings On.

May 26, 2009

So, for starters, the bag that I posted last week sold in a matter of hours, so that is exciting.  I hope that it pleases.  Sales are always exciting.  Maybe it wears off once it becomes a regular thing, but that someone wants to buy something we made just thrills me.  Stranger or not!

We went to the beach this weekend, for Memorial Day, and honestly, it was a bust.  It had it’s good parts.  But among the bad parts: broken water pump which meant no water when we arrived Friday night, and no water until Saturday afternoon–No water as in no sinks, no toilets, no showers were working (this also meant that after our lovely day at the beach, we showered at the state park–a less than satisfying experience); horrible traffic on Sunday which prevented us from really enjoying our time at the outlets before having to be home for dinner; and the 7 hour trip home.  Yes.  7, SEVEN, hours to drive 130 miles.  I expected traffic.  But, 7 hours is more than double the time it takes with moderate traffic.  Among the highlights: not having to look at my mess of a house and feel guilty about ignoring it; delicious hot crabs at a picnic table; a beautiful Saturday at the beach; news that the mister is 100% for sure graduated(!); a bathing suit for $12.50; and time for my new hexagon project.  So what if it might take me 14 years to finish a quilt top.  I like the English paper piecing!  Here is a mobile phone picture, including my badly-in-need-of-a-manicure thumb.  I’ve actually finished three of these so far.

epp hex 

This week will be busy (of course) with the party planning.  Here is my list, in no particular order:

  1. Store tonight for phase one of party cooking
  2. List making for party specifics
  3. Finish Buttercup bag number 1 for the shop
  4. Finish dots quilt top
  5. Clean the sewing room so as to be presentable for guests
  6. General other cleaning

We’ll see how many of these things I accomplish.  I like making lists, even if I don’t ever complete a single one.  At least they give me something to aspire to.