Just some ramblings.

Little No sewing has taken place.  I’ve been busy.  Or lazy.  Or some of both.  This past weekend we had a visiting pup, Murphy’s littler sister Enzo.  Seriously, way littler.  I don’t know if I mentioned, but at his last appointment (a week ago) he weighed 57 lbs.  He is only 6 months old!  How much more growing will he do?  Enzo, meanwhile, is barely 30 lbs.  It’s kinda weird to see how different they are in size, but at the same time share so many of the same characteristics!  It was a busy weekend to say the least, but at least the weather was decent so we had lots of outside play time.  I don’t have a great picture of them as they didn’t even stop moving for 5 minutes the entire time, but here is a little something for a size comparison at least. 

Murphy will be going to Enzo’s house for the duration of our Charleston trip.  Hopefully he behaves himself!


A friend posted this video on her blog today.  It’s awesome.  It makes my heart happy.  Check it out.


I’d like to thank everyone who reads my measly little blog.  I know I don’t respond to every comment all the time, but it really makes my day everytime one pops up!  So, Thank you so very much.

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One Comment on “Just some ramblings.”

  1. Dorrie Says:

    Wow! There is quite a size difference. It’s nice there able to spend some time together. Murphy is SO big. Have fun in Charleston!

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