Have you seen them?

Check out the blocks I’ll be getting back!  I can’t wait to see them in person.  I’m really loving this project.  Aside from my mismeasuring/lazy cutting/inaccurate trimming issues, I am finding these blocks to be super simple.  I like that they can be improvised a bit, that the plan doesn’t need to be so perfect from the start.  I’ve made several blocks so far, as they really are pretty simple to make–especially the smallest ones.  I’m thinking that I’m going to make this quilt as big as I can with the fabric I have, or something that can be used on our bed.  Whichever comes first.  I don’t really plan to make this a proper queen sized quilt, but maybe something that can be used to at least cover on especially chilly nights.

Because these blocks are so addictive, I’ve been working on them with another fabric as well.  I have some Anna Maria Horner fat quarters from her Good Folks line (I’m dying to get my hands on some of that new voile, but I’m on a fabric freeze currently).  It’s been sitting in my drawer for months, and I didn’t have a plan for it.  But I’ve started with this, and I think the set should make enough jewel squares to make a small baby quilt.  I’m going for about 36″x36″ this time around.    I’ve made 3 12.5″ squares which I think will be enough or they will overwhelm the quilt, and now I’m working on the smaller ones.  I’m not exactly sure how to piece it all together, but I’ve got it up on my design wall and am going to fill in the holes as I go, to at least get an idea. 

 The plan for this quilt is to go to an impending arrival.  I don’t know if it is a boy or girl yet, but I think the fabrics will work ok either way, and I think they will definitely appeal to the mama.  It’s kind of a weird situation, but I want to do it anyway, so I will.  I can’t just keep making baby quilts and stashing them away, right?  Some of them will need to go!

My sister picked up a new charger for my camera, so we’ll be able to exit the pictureless post phase soon.  Now if only spring would come along with it’s longer days filled with sunlight…

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One Comment on “Have you seen them?”

  1. clicked on your blocks! they are fantastic! will try to keep ane eye on what happens with these blocks and your quilter bees

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