Our Little Adventure

Meet Murphy!


Picture quality = poo.  I don’t have any great pictures of him.  When it was light enough out this weekend, I was too exhausted to find the camera, and he just moves too much to take a decent picture inside.  And since it’s dark by the time we get home (and raining now, to boot), no good pictures.  Maybe this weekend.  So.

I’ve been utterly exhausted the last few days.  The getting him was tiring, to say the least.  Here’s how it went:

We were told that they would be arriving in the parking lot at 7:30pm Friday.  We planned to get dinner with our friends (who also adopted) at 6pm close by so that we would be able to just walk right on over.  So, we left here at 5pm.  Got to dinner, as we were finishing up, around 6:30, we get a call that they have been delayed, and will be arriving closer to 9:30.  So, we have 3 hours to kill.  We went to a few stores, and just hung out.  At 9:15, we are in the parking lot, and get told they have been delayed yet again and will be arriving closer to 10:35 or 10:45.  We fill out our paper work and sit in the car.  When all was said and done, we had the pups in our arms around 11:45.  Then, wrapped in towels, we made our way home. 

If I’m being honest, it was sorta gross.  These guys had been in a crate together (their other 2 siblings were also being adopted) for however long it takes to travel from South Carolina to DC.  I’ve made that drive.  It’s long.  You can imagine what sort of state they were in, and because they are so young (read: haven’t had their last set of shots), they weren’t allowed to touch the ground.  So.  We got home, and immediately had to give him a bath.  He wasn’t in the crate until 2am.  At 5:30, he woke up, and I let him out, and because I had dragged my husband on this journey, and he had to go to a training class at 7am, I stayed up with Murphy to keep him quiet.

I am not a napper.  I tried, I really did, but it just didn’t happen.  So I was up from 5:30 until about 11 or midnight Saturday.  Saturday night, Murphy woke up every.two.hours.  And out we’d go, and then in we’d go, and then we’d have pitiful barking for about 20 minutes.  Sunday night was much better (6 hours of quiet!), and Monday was even better. 

Now that we’re back to our regular routine, things seem  to be working better.  He complains much less about the crate, and seems to be getting the hang of going outside to do his business.  He’s mostly sleeping through the night, and we’re all adjusting. 

The cats aren’t quite sure what to do.  They’ve taken refuge in the basement, but have been making appearances here and there.  Murphy alternately chases them or doesn’t notice them.  And he won’t run down the steps after them either (at this point), so I guess that’s something.  I’m sure they’ll work it out!

Anyway, that’s been my life for the last 5 days.  I’m starting to feel more normal again, catching up on sleep and getting on my normal schedule.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. 

Also.  My father said that he didn’t look very Irish.  However, we’ve determined that because of the fighting he did with his sister, and his intense interest in beer (see below) he is as Irish as they come!* 


*please don’t take offense at that blatant stereotyping.  I have a healthy dose of Irish in me, as does my husband, both our families (obviously) and many of our friends and neighbors.  It’s all in good fun, people!

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One Comment on “Our Little Adventure”

  1. Dorrie Says:

    From one mostly Irish gal to another~Irish is good~beer is good and the pup is super-doo cute! I’m glad he’s home with you!

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