Disappearing act.

Oops. I didn’t mean to be gone for so long.  Things have just been, as usual, busy.  And I feel guilty for not having any pictures to post.  I have, however, been sewing.  I finished the Far Far away quilt, which turned out not too badly.  And I’m working on a quilt for my mother to give to a coworker for her baby shower.  The weekends have just seemed so gloomy and rainy lately that there’s never a good time for pictures.  And now that we’ve changed the clocks, it is dark when I get home.  So, here’s hoping we have some sunshine this weekend!  Though, I can’t make any sewing picture promises…something else will be occupying us I’m sure!

Another thing that has been keeping us preoccupied over the last couple of weeks is the adoption process for this lovely.  See that “Adoption Pending”?  That should mean for us!  We just had our home visit about an hour ago.  Either it went very badly, or very well.  It was pretty quick, so I’m hoping they liked what they saw, and weren’t scared off immediately.  I’m pretty sure it went ok.  She talked like it went ok.  So, wish us luck.  And pray that the cats don’t hate us forever.  We pick him up in a parking lot Friday assuming all goes well.  I’m pretty paranoid, so I”m not going to count my chickens before they officially hatch!

Anyway, hopefully some pictures of sewing projects, and most likely some pictures of the puppy!  Also, maybe I’ll be more regular in posting again.

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One Comment on “Disappearing act.”

  1. Dorrie Says:

    Yes! Pictures please. . .I hope the pick up went well. Congratulations on your newest family member.

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