I had high hopes for a post tonight.  I wanted to show off all the things I’d done.  Like, the finished little house for the quilting bee.  Or the fabrics I’d washed and ironed and cut for the Thanksgiving napkins.  Or maybe some more scrappy strip blocks.

Instead, I went into my sewing room, sat down to start sewing, went to move the mini-iron, and realized, after I’d grabbed it with my right hand, by the long metal part (that heats up if you don’t know that part), that I had unplugged the sewing machine last night instead of the iron.  Which means it had been on for almost 24 hours.  And great as it is, it doesn’t have an automatic shut off.  And I didn’t switch it to off because, well, I’d unplugged it.  Except I hadn’t.

I’ll spare you the images of the blisters on my hand.  Suffice it to say that my hand is mostly out of commission for the evening.  Writing this even sucks since several of my finger tips are burning right now.  I tried to be a trooper and do some sewing anyway but it just wasn’t meant to be.

I guess if nothing else it’s a valid excuse for getting nothing done tonight.  It was feeling a little better, but the hot shower I just took reignited the burn.  So I’m going now to ice it some more, and hope that it is a little better in the morning.

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2 Comments on “Injury!”

  1. angie Says:

    Oh no! I hope that your hand heals quickly. Darn sewing room injuries. Auto shut off is a must for me. It just makes me too nervous otherwise. Oh, and I forget often.

  2. Heidi Says:

    I winced just reading that! I hope it heals quick. Burns are the worst. Take some motrin.. that’ll help get through it.

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