So much for that every day posting thing.  I sorta dropped of the face of the earth this last little while.  If you ask what has kept me so busy, I won’t be able to tell you.  I know I’ve been busy, I’m just not entirely sure what those things are that I’ve been busy with….

Over the weekend, while my husband was taking his motorcycle course, I went with my parents to visit my grandparents.  I don’t go often enough, and so this was the perfect opportunity for a little visit.  It was a nice time, a relaxing time, and a time filled with shopping.  We checked out this shop, which was definitely a highlight.  They had a great selection of fabrics.  Designer type fabrics and patterns and such that I’ve not actually seen in person prior to purchasing.  I picked up a few charm packs and some other tools, including a Clover Mini-Iron.  It’s not something that I would have bought myself, but have wanted one for quite some time, and since my lovely mother treated me to it, I got to bring it home.  I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but know that it will come in handy.

I’ve also started some knitting projects.  I must be crazy, but it’s nice to have something mindless to work on when I’m sitting in front of the tv.  I’m working on some fingerless gloves.  People keep making jokes, but I think they’re adorable, and might really come in handy since I hate wearing gloves.  They’re all going to be jealous!

Also, I think that the sewing room will get it’s furniture overhaul this weekend!  I’m trying not to annoy Jack by sending him incessent emails about it.  It needs a new light fixture/ceiling fan.  I’m gonna see if I can convince him to install it.  And if not, maybe I’ll try it out on my own!  Yeah right.   

Anyway.  I’ve just had so many distrations at home with the knitting, and pampered chef party, and weekend trips and all that I’ve lost focus on picture taking and blogging.  I’m not going to make any promises.  Because I tend to just look like a lying idiot!  If nothing else, I should have my little house block to show you for the quilting bee by the end of the weekend. 

Until then, I’ll be knitting a bunch of things I’ll never actually finish 😉

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