It’s been a little quiet

…On the blog front that is.  I’ve been doing a lot at home.  I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, actually, which seems to cut into the blog time.  And it’s been so cloudy everytime I have a chance to take pictures that I just haven’t posted anything.  The pictures just are not turning out.

Maybe there’s some sunlight in the future.  More than a few hours worth.  Then I will have things to show.

I will tell you all I’ve been working on though, so you have a little something to look forward to….

  • I made an ottoman using this pattern.  I’ve had the pattern for a long time, but was afraid of it.
  • I’m working on quilting the Far Far Away quilt disaster.
  • I’ve made a small baby quilt of wonky stars, using this tutorial.  (These things are great, by the way).
  • I made a pillow cover for the living room.

We’re slowly but surely redecorating the living room.  I’m waiting for my honeycomb shades from next day blinds.  They should be installed on Saturday.  They will look so much better than the poorly rigged up curtains that are currently defacing the window.  We got a new to us loveseat, and a new cover to go on it.  I somewhat impulsively bought a treadmill.  I’m calling it a birthday present.  I’ve been using it so far, and hopefully will continue to use it.

Oh, and I had a birthday Sunday.  29.  I feel like I grew up all of a sudden.  But at the same time I don’t feel grown up at all.  What’s that about?

Things coming up (once I post about all those other goodies): more wonky stars, more pillow covers, and Christmas gifts, which will probably need to remain pretty secret for now.  I also need to get work on the next quilting bee block.  Little houses.  Not quite sure how that will work out, but I’ll be sure to let you know!

I also bought a roll of printable fabric with a 50% off coupon from Joann’s.  I want to make some labels, and saw some decent reviews of the stuff. 

I have a shameful, shameful secret, too, one my mother might kill me over. 

I bought yarn.  Lots (sort of) of yarn.  About 12 skiens of yarn.  Shh.  Don’t tell her.  (I have a bad history with yarn.  The kind of history where I buy a bunch of it, knit or crochet for a brief period of time, and then abandon projects.  Then start over again.)  I DO have plans for this though, and have some confidence that they will come to fruition.

Wish me luck!

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One Comment on “It’s been a little quiet”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Happy Birthday.. a day late.

    Good luck with the yard! And I’d trade you some sunshine for some of that rain right now!

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