Scraptacular fun and finding forgotten things!

So, one day last week, I was stuck at home waiting for a delivery.  Which allowed me ample time to get a whole lot of not very much accomplished.  However, I did somewhat organize clear some floor and table space in my sewing room.  As I was dissembling the massive piles, I came across a few thing that had been started and never finished.  So, I figured maybe instead of boring you all with one massive post, I’ll write a few over the next few days.

This post relates to the scrappy strip paper piecing I had been working on a while back.  I hadn’t really forgotten about this project, because who can forget about scraps, but the actually project had been abandoned a while ago.  So I dragged three containers of various sizes out to the dining room table along with the sewing machine (that had been removed from said table for dinner guests the other night). 

Piecing together these scraps is challenging for me.  I (curiously enough) crave order and patterns even in messiness, and it’s really hard for me to go the totally random route and just grab whatever I grab.  And even when I try to do this, I tend to pull from my favorite pieces more often.  This makes all the blocks look similar.  Once I put on some music, and just let myself get to it though, it is such a relaxing, freeing process. 

I made some more progress on it over the weekend, and even pieced together a few squares.  I’ve got 5 ready. They really look cool (I’ll post pictures soon), and I think it will make a nice throw quilt to just have lying around. By my calculations, this will end up being about 60″ square, which means 5 rows of 5.  Which means I only have…too many squares left to think about! 

 I’d like to think that this project will make a dent in my scraps, but this pile seems never ending.  And ever growing.  Just like my fabric pile.  Ever growing.  Never ending. 

Nevertheless, I like having something that I can just pick up for a few minutes here and there.  Something that I can stop at any point without worrying that I’ll lose my place or screw it up.  And something that makes me be ok with not being perfect.  It stays relaxing instead of becoming a chore, and I need that right now!

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