Quilter Bees

And so, it has begun, and I’m oh so excited.  Welcome to some of my new quilting friends who might find this space remotely entertaining.  Or at least something to kill time.  😛

Anyway, it’s starting.  Introductions are popping up, and so far, it seems like a great group to be involved with.  The first up is selecting fabrics now, and has already posted some inspiration.  It also looks like I’m not the only one who is a little bit apprehensive, so that makes me feel better.

I’m already anxiously awaiting the arrival of fabric.  I think it’s so fun to see what other people like and what other people are working with.  And even though my turn isn’t until January, the ideas are still churning.  I’ve got a few different ideas and plans that are hanging around.  Of course, I’m sure all of these will be replaced with other ideas and plans once  December rolls around.

So, good luck to everyone!  I’m interested to see what all comes out of this.

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