So, at an undisclosed time I will be travelling to an undisclosed location, for an undisclosed amount of time (you know, internet safety and all). 

On this trip, I will be taking my husband, the cats (so what if I’m insane), my sister, her dog, a friend, and the sewing machine.  Why do I feel like I’m playing “I’m going on a picnic…”?

Yes, I’m taking my sewing machine.  What?  Not that interesting?  This is not abnormal?  You want to hear about taking the cats instead?  Because that is much odder?  More odd?  Whatever.  I’m talking about the sewing machines.  The cat story is really not that interesting at all.

See, I’m going to a family (my family) owned location, and we’ll be spending enough time there and it will be relaxing enough (hopefully) that I might be able to sew.  And I figure the machine has this handle on it, so it’s probably meant to be carted around, right?  And I have some work to do, with a deadline looming.  I’m making a list, and checking it twice (though I haven’t gotten to the checking it part yet).  I’m sure that I will forget some integral part of this venture and my machine will be rendered useless, even though I’ll have packed every single thing I need save for that one important item.  Wish me luck, would you?

I’ll also be bringing the hexagons.  I’ve been neglecting them somewhat, and maybe I’ll find some down time to work on them.  Is it totally weird to be sitting on a (undisclosed) beach and doing some hand sewing and paper piecing?

I’ll also be doing some relaxing, some sunning (with the appropriate sunscreen), some good eating, some even better drinking, and maybe some recharging. 

Oh, right.  And some sewing.  See?  I’m already forgetting things!

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2 Comments on “Travelling”

  1. Angie Says:

    You’re taking your CATS! You are crazy. Have a relaxing vacation, doing whatever you want to do!

  2. blueprintblankets Says:

    It sounds great to me! Sewing on the undisclosed beach would be great and you’ll get weird looks. I knit on the beach and people always laugh. Don’t forget your presser foot. That’s usually what I leave at home. Have a great time! =]

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