A Quilting Bee

So.  This morning, I was browsing through my Google Reader, and came upon a post talking about a new quilting bee that is starting up.  Like, just starting up.  Like, needed new members starting up.  I sat and thought about it for a minute, and then with much less thought than I usually give things, I said I’d like to join.   

Was this a totally spontaneous decision?  Not quite.  I mean, directly related to this bee, yes, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.  But I’ve been too chicken to really look into it, other than to admire other ones from afar.  This sort of just fell in my lap, and so I decided to go for it.

I’m scared.  Really scared.  Scared I’ll ruin fabric and quilts and not be able to do what people want.  Though, those of you who are members of this thing as well don’t really need to be scared.  I’m sure I can pull it off.  It’s just that in my latent type A sort of perfectionist personality, I’m shaking in my boots. 

I’m also really excited for a challenge.  Sometimes I need to be forced into new directions.  And this should do it for me.  So, here’s to the beginning of something great, I’m sure.  New ideas, new skills, new friends, new quilts.  It looks like there may be several first-timers, so I’m not totally in over my head.

I’m not going to obsess.  It will be fun and amazing and wonderful!  And I’m sure you’ll be hearing plenty about it as we move along.

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3 Comments on “A Quilting Bee”

  1. Angie Says:

    I’m nervous, too!

  2. Nichole Says:

    i’m excited that you’re part of the quilting bee! Also a first timer, I am scared that I will not be able to do what people want as well. Must be the same type A, perfectionist personality thing. 🙂 i’m also looking forward to the challenge. i think it’s going to be fun! 🙂

  3. meaggiepie Says:

    I’m terrified too! But no matter how much we second guess our own blocks, from what I can tell from other bees, once they’re all in the quilt, they somehow “fit,” regardless of what I thought of the blocks as individuals. Hm. This now sounds like I’m saying “don’t worry, if your block stinks it won’t be noticeable!” That’s not at ALL what I’m saying.

    (I’m on day 2 without caffeine. Please excuse incoherence!)

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