Christmas in July

Have you seen this?  I have.  And I want it.  Badly.  And, as it turns out, there’s a great tutorial, and I know how to sew.  Which means, I can get me one.  In fact, I’ve already ordered some fabric.  Hey.  At least I had a little extra cash to spend.  From the sale of some wheels.  Boring story, really, but my husband was nice enough to split the proceeds, and insisted I spend the money on things I wanted.  When I said I was going to pay a bill, he almost took it away!  So, I’m spending as I’m told.  I can tell you that I didn’t really need that much encouragement.

What is it about an Advent Calendar anyway?  I guess it brings up childhood memories of home and school.  Of opening those little paper windows day by day.  The countdown to Christmas, which is one of my favorite holidays, it seems…there’s just something about it.  And maybe if I start it now, I might finish it in time.  I thought that maybe, too, I’ll have enough fabric left over to make a table runner, or tree skirt, or something.  I’m not really all that religious, but I find a kind of comfort in it, nonetheless.  I’m even thinking maybe we should add some church to the routine.  Though I’m pretty sure I’ll have different feelings about that come Sunday morning.  Ha.

Why in the world is Christmas on my brain anyway?  It’s still hot and muggy in Maryland, and it’s still July.  Perhaps it was all the sales that popped up in the last few weeks or so, and the projects here and there.  And even though it’s so far off yet, I’m looking forward to it.  This past Christmas just didn’t feel right.  I think no one was quite in the mood, if you know what I mean.  But maybe, just maybe this year will be a little less sad and a little more fun and happy.  It’s not to say that the past one was horrible.  Just a little empty.

And maybe this fun, bright project will cheer me up a bit.  I’ve been sad lately.  My mother calls it “the blues.”  I guess that’s as good a description as any.  I just haven’t been feeling right.  Sad, weepy, distracted.  No specific reason really.  I guess it’s just how I’m made.  Sometimes it’s hard to get through the day without crying.  And sometimes the weekends turn into horrible hours of sitting around with no motivation to move, and guilt over the things I can’t seem to make myself do.  I’m not too worried, though, so don’t you worry.  It probably sounds worse than it is..  It’s been a weird year full of all kinds of crappy things I’d rather not have gone through or dealt with.  But it’s all life, and crappy things (and wonderful things) will keep on happening, and so, here I am, feeling funky, and pulling myself out of it.  My mother says to just let it come, and soon it will go, and I guess she’s right.  

In the meantime, I’m looking toward Christmas, I guess.

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