The weekend

So, for the first time in a while, I didn’t have a near-meltdown on the weekend.  See, I always get stuck in this frozen panic of not knowing what to do, how best to spend my time.  I get frustrated about the things I have to do, and guilty about the things I want to do.  Invariably, I end up grumpy and trudging through the day frustrated with everything.

This weekend, I did not do that.  I slept until I was ready to wake up, even if it was later than I preferred, because hey, I still have that luxury.  Maybe in a few years with a dog or a baby or whatever I won’t be so lucky. 

I piddled around the house.  Did a little laundry, did a little cleaning, did a little sewing, a little painting.  Did a little visiting (or a lot!).  It was just nice, overall.  And of course I barely put a dent in my list of things to do, but who cares.  I checked a few things off, and I can be happy with that. 

I’ve started to sew up the Far Far Away quilt top.  It is nothing spectacular.  It could even be considered sloppy.  The fabric was cut a little off, and I didn’t anticipate a few things, and so, it’s a little funky.  I decided not to worry about it.  It’s going to be for me, and it’s going to be soft, and there’s no sense in getting worked up about it.

And so, I’m plugging away.  I decided to follow along here, and I’m looking forward to it.  Hopefully I can stick with it.  I jumped ahead and did my first square on Friday.  I figured I’d need all the head start I can get.  ha. 

Still working on some other sorta secret projects.  I’ll let you in on them soon enough!

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