As if…

Wow.  So much for that consistency crap, eh?  Well, it’s a work in progress, I suppose, and this weekend was packed full of so many things. 

Anyway, I’m still working on it.


As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I’ve decide that I must sew a dress for myself.  For a wedding I’m going to in August.  Is this a lofty ambition?  I don’t really know.  I found this site, Burda Style, and picked these two dresses: Anda and Azalea.  They are supposedly easy.  And honestly, the construction doesn’t look so intimidating.  I just don’t have any idea how to pick out fabric.  I’m thinking that online is not the way to go, so hopefully I can get to G Street Fabrics sometime soon.  If not to buy something, at least to get an idea for what I’m looking for.  But what the hell.  I ordered some Kona cottons to try out.  I figure that worst case scenario, I’ll have some solids to add to my stash.  Best case scenario, I’ll have 2 dresses for around $40.  I picked fabrics intended for the azalea dress, 2 combinations.  I have no idea how they’ll look together, in person, but whatever.  I’ll call it art! 

I picked pomegranate and bright pink,








and deep blue and blueberry








God only knows when I’ll find time to this, especially with all of my other sewing committements, and social engagements.  I’ll probably be taking my sewing machine with me on vacation.  But I’m kind of glad about ‘having’ to take it. 

In other news, the bag I made for the bride?  Well, she seemed to really like it, and a lot of people commented (positively) on it.  So.  I think I’ve got something going for me with the design.  Or they were just being nice.  But I’m going to go with the former.  I’m tweaking as I go, of course, but I’m pretty happy with it.  You might want to keep your eye out for more!

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