For Consistency’s Sake

I’m going to try hard to post frequently.  This may lead to some not to interesting posts, but, it’s an exercise in consistency, and in writing, and those sorts of things. 

So.  In the sewing world, I finished part one of the top secret project a little last night, but that sewing room is just so. darn. hot.  I can only stand it for so long.  We put the air on last night, so maybe tonight I’ll have a better go of it (not so much).  I’m still churning out the hexagons, as well.  It seems like, as I looked around the interwebs the other day, that people do this in a more organized fashion.  they make their flowers, then stack them up, then lay them out.  I’m not doing that.  As you know.  What I am doing, though, is trying to randomize the flower making process.   I was thinking about it too much.  And the fact is, there are enough fabrics and combinations, etc., that I don’t think small similarities will stand out that much.  I’m not going to put identical ones next to each other, but I don’t need to be so careful.  And in this randomizing process, I have dumped out all my precut parts, and just dig into the bag.  Number one is the center, number two the first fabric, and number 3 the second fabric.  And unless it is some horrible combination (unlikely) I’m just going to go with it.

I’ve got some work to do in the coming weeks.  I’m thinking of modifying that bag I made myself slightly and offering it for sale.  I’ve got some things to do for a friend.  I’ve got a quilt to make for myself.  And some other things to try.  I want to attempt a pair of lounge around shorts, but I’m scared.  And confused.  I’ve also gotta find a way to get some better air circulation in the sewing room.

Also, I’ve got 12 fat quarters of Heather Ross’ Far Far Away just begging to be made into a quilt.  For me.  I just don’t know what to do with it.  I”m thinking simple, so maybe i’ll just cut out squares of each.

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