I’m not so consistent, am I?

I’m here.  I’ve been slacking a little on the posting lately.  I’ve been busy though, really I have.  My evenings and weekends have been taken up with outings, with painting, with general life things getting in the way.  We did sell another bag this week, this one:

purple buttercup

Hope you love it, Melissa!

In other news, you may recall this post, about the bag I was planning on making.  Well, folks, I got a little sewing time in yesterday, and finally made the bag.  It’s fantastic.  And assuming the weather holds up, I will have a post with pictures up tonight. 

And did I mention that I have another fat quarter set of Heather Ross’ Far Far Away coming?  Well, I do.  And I think that will make 12 fat quarters.  Which should be enough to make an ok sized throw quilt, right?  I’m thinking of leaving the fat quarters intact, actually.  We’ll see when I lay it out. 

I did another bad thing.  See, Fabric.com was having a sale.  So, I bought a bunch of randomness.  $80+ worth of randomness.  But, it was 30% off.  So, it came to less than $60, and I free shipping. 

Hopefully I’ll manage to squeeze in a little more sewing time, but with July 4 here, and most of my time already booked with friends, painting, and furniture moving, I’m not sure what I’ll actually be able to get done. 

Stay tuned…

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