Hexagons everywhere.

I keep talking about these hexagons, and promising pictures, but it never happens.  Well, today, it is happening.  See what I’ve done so far?  


My hexagons are about 2 1/4 inches.  This is mostly because I had a jelly roll already that I wanted to use up, and being that it is 2 1/2 inches wide, this hexagon size works rather well. 

I used some heavier card stock to make the hexagons.  I’m sure regular paper would work, but the card stock means I can reuse them as I go along.  Probably not forever, but I’m probably getting about 5 uses per hexagon.  More if I’m gentle.  Incidentally, I take out the paper once all the sides of a hexagon are sewn up.  Easier to manipulate this way, without having to bend and ruin the paper pieces.

At first I was cutting the squares of fabric as I needed them, but this was really cramping my style, so I cut all of the printed fabrics, and a healthy bit of the solid brown.  This way I can keep basting and piecing without stopping to cut anything more than the little corners. 

Every where I go I see little fabric corners.  They’re trapped in the carpet, they’re on the sofa, in the bed, the car.  I’m even finding them outside.  I try to be good about picking them up as I go, really, but there are always a few strays.

I’m piecing it together rather haphazardly.  When I need more solid hexagons, I cut off some more brown and baste some solid hexagons, and sew them on to wherever.  When I make a “flower” I sew it on in a place that makes sense.  I’m sure most people would be more organized about this process, but I am liking my method.  It means things don’t get too repetitive, and then I don’t get bored.  

I don’t remember exactly when I started this.  I guess at the end of May.  I’ve haven’t gotten terribly far in the grand scheme of things, but this progress is totally amazing to me.  The fact that I didn’t ball it all up and throw it into a corner is major progress, actually.

I think I’m going to love this when (if?) I finish it.  I think I’m going to go the hand quilting route as well.  How appropriate was it that I just found this?

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