As you know, I’ve been working on a hand/paper pieced hexagon project.  I picked out the Hello Betty Retro collection from Moda.  I bought it quite a while ago, and it seemed perfect for this project.  I’ve been happily piecing it together as I’ve had time.  I’ll show you pictures in a minute.

Well, panic set in when I saw somewhere that the fabric was on clearance.  To me, clearance means we don’t want this anymore and we’re getting rid of it.  Which probably means it’s discontinued.  I haven’t been in the fabric world long enough to understand exactly how all these things work, but regardless, I panicked. 

Here I was, working on this time intensive, painful (you should see my fingers–maybe I need a second thimble), and lovely project.  And the fabric collection is going away!  And I have no idea how to tell if I have enough. 

I started looking around at shops.  It seemed like I could probably get another jelly roll, no problem.  Then they started disappearing.  Then I thought maybe I could find a deal.  Then I couldn’t.  Then, I found some on ebay.  But I hate ebay.  It’s confusing to me, and competitive, and stressful for me.  Sure, I bid on one or two things.  But I’m not going to be tricked into a bidding war just to win.  And isn’t that really the whole point?  And some places were charging quite a bit more than I thought I needed to spend.

Enter Etsy, and this fabulous shop.  I found what I wanted, at a fair price, and it’s already shipped!  Hopefully, this will be enough to complete my project (and just in case, I’ve got one I’m bidding on over on ebay).   Thanks to Laura for a great note, and quick shipping!

(In case you’re wondering, when I purchased this fabric for some random purpose, I purchased 3 yards of the brown, so I think I’m covered there.)

I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress.  I’ll post pictures tonight.

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