Stormy, Stormy

  1. Pictures of projects
  2. Post bag to shop
  3. Cook more meat
  4. Clean living room

50% isn’t so great.  But, in my defense, it was cloudy and stormy all evening.  I at least got the place straightened up, and that huge pile of laundry folded.  And I even started a sweet little pink and white polka-dot bag.  And I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of wine for dinner.  It was wonderful. 

Tonight it’s Shoppers and Home Depot and more cleaning, though I think the bedroom is a lost cause and will be off limits on Saturday.  No one needs to be in there, anyway!

Maybe I can get a few pictures tonight.  Looks like were in for a stormy evening again.  Maybe I can take some indoor pictures.  Maybe you’d like to see my sewing room?

In other news, I’m waiting on a shipment of the Michael Miller Ta Dot collection, and some Far Far Away by Heather Ross.  I couldn’t resist it.  Not only is it adorable, but everyone in blogland seems to love it.  I just got a bit of it.  I’ll save it for something special. 

One other thing.  I know that not a ton of people read this, but if anyone has any recommendations for solids to match the Heather Ross Mendocino in Aqua, I would really appreciate it.  I’m afraid to buy based on online pictures.  And the selection at the local fabric stores just don’t quite cut it.  And I don’t want to bug a shop as I’m not really ready to buy yet.  I’m just trying to plan.  Thanks!

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