So, I had a short bout of some sort of mystery illness.  None to pleasant if I may say so, but it seems to have passed.  Through the stupor, I’ve managed to complete a few things.  Check out my list from the other day!

  1. Store tonight for phase one of party cooking
  2. List making for party specifics
  3. Finish Buttercup bag number 1 for the shop
  4. Finish dots quilt top
  5. Clean the sewing room so as to be presentable for guests
  6. General other cleaning

Look at how well I’ve done so far!  The dots quilt top thing just isn’t going to happen.  I’ve also ordered the cake, and picked up some things from Costco that I will need for Saturday.  Tomorrow night I will hit the grocery store and the liquor store.

In sewing news, I’ve finished the binding for the commission quilt.  If the weather cooperates today I’ll have pictures up tonight.  I will also, weather/picture permitting, post the Buttercup bag up in the shop.  A special thanks to Rae for providing this lovely pattern!

So, the list:

  1. Pictures of projects
  2. Post bag to shop
  3. Cook more meat
  4. Clean living room

That’s all I’m giving myself to do tonight.  Think I can cross them all off tomorrow?

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