Keeping Things Honest.

To-do list revisted:

  1. Quilt commission 
  2. Pot the plants I keep not potting
  4. Organize bedroom
  5. Post bag to shop
  6. Make another bag for shop and post.

3 out of 6 isn’t so horrible, right? 

I finished quilting the commissioned quilt, and attached the binding.  Just have to finish the hand sewing part.  I haven’t actually finished a quilt since my mothers back in April, and that was a huge one.  I’d forgotten that baby-sized quilts aren’t all that hard to do, which gives me back some motivation.  That last one was just so hard to handle that I wanted to take a break from quilting.

I potted my tomato and pepper plants.  And I was given cucumbers, watermelons, and what are supposedly purple green beans.  Which I guess means they are purple beans, not green beans.  I don’t know which is the watermelon, and which is the cucumber.  I guess if the deer don’t eat the plants we’ll find out eventually.

I made a few more blocks (I guess they’re quarter-blocks) for the scrappy string quilt. 

I did not take pictures of anything.  I meant to, but the mister took my car that had the camera in it, and then I was tired, and blahblahblah. 

So now, a busy week or two ahead….

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