A Bag was Born, or, Progress.

Tuesday night, after work but before dinner, I made a bag.  A sweet summery little thing to go into the shop.  It was being a little fussy, though I plowed through and made it work.  I will not let a measly fat quarter or two beat me!  The thing about the fat quarters, though, is that they are just small enough that to make an ok sized bag, you can’t screw up.  It makes me tense.  It makes me afraid to cut.  But, I just faced my fear head on, and voila!  Another bit after dinner, and a bag was born.   I even included a magnetic snap.  The first one I’ve ever used, and I love it. 

I used 2 prints from Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s market collection.  Can I just say that I love, love, love all of her prints, it seems?  They are just so pretty, and particularly lovely for making some cute bags. 

So, take a look in the shop tonight or tomorrow, check it out, and buy it, this one of a kind bag.  I didn’t work off a pattern.  I just sort of made it up as I went, but it really turned out so terribly lovely, perhaps I should make a pattern for it! 

I promise some pictures will be up this weekend.  Things have just been a little discombobulated at home (what with vacation and coming home and all that), and hopefully I’m getting back on track.

In other news, I don’t really understand why it is so freaking hard to finish one thing before moving on to another.  I’d like to think that I’ll get the hang of that sometime soon, but I’m not really banking on it.  But, I did have 2 finishes this week, the Miranda Birthday bag, and the Sweet Summery Shoulder Bag.  I’m stopping at Joann’s tonight to pick up thread to finish the commission quilt, which should be at least quilted by the end of the weekend. 

I also made a few more scrap strip blocks using paper squares I cut from the phone book.  I like a heavier paper better, but the environmentally friendly stickler in me says I should use something I already have instead of buying new paper for this project.  So, I’m sticking with the phone book paper. 

So, on tap for this weekend (sewing and non sewing)

  1. Quilt commission
  2. Pot the plants I keep not potting
  4. Organize bedroom
  5. Post bag to shop
  6. Make another bag for shop and post.

I think those are some lofty plans, but ideally, the more I put on my plate, the more I’ll do.

I came across this today, and think I’d like to participate.  Hopefully more specifics will be available on Monday and then I can see if I can swing it.

I’d like to also give a birthday shout out to Miranda S.  Happy 31!

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