Fail. Sorta.

I fail at weekend productivity.  I just don’t understand where the time goes, though perhaps there was a little more couch sitting than was necessary.  I did get some housework done.  I finished the bag for my grandmother.  I didn’t ship it though.  I’ll do that tomorrow.  I finished the commissioned quilt top.  I even have it sandwiched.  I even started quilting, but the light isn’t right, and I broke a needle by trying to sew through a safety pin.  Oops.  So, I decided I was too tired to sew.  I also finished a birthday present for a friend.  

I’m thinking the pitcher of sangria Saturday night put a stealth damper on Sunday.  I was not, hungover but I guess I sort of had that lazy drank too much, stayed up too late feeling.  I guess I did accomplish a couple of things, but I really need to make a couple things for the shop.  I will get to that tonight, hopefully. 

Also, I kinda started on another project.  But, this is really more of a here and there project.  With all of the scraps I’ve been accumulating, including those from Amber at One Shabby Chick , and inspired by Film in the Fridge, I’ve started paper piecing a string quilt.  Mine will never look so nice as Ashley’s does.  I’m skipping the white centers, and just going for it, no plan in mind, no preplanned fabrics, nothing.  I am doing 6.5″ squares, since I have a ruler that is 6.5″ square.  The paper I used seemed a little thick, so I think I’ll try out that phone book that I never use and just takes up closet space.  I’m finding it all very satisfying, and am just improvising as I go along.  It is very freeing, and I love the idea of these neat little squares of fabric sewn to paper sitting in a stack.  I’m thinking I’ll just keep going and going and going on this, until I feel like stopping, and then see what comes of it.

I swear that tonight,  I will work on a bag for the shop.  I promise you, other clever girl!

So, I sorta failed at weekend.  But I still got a few things done.  I’m not a total failure, I guess.  Just a little on the slow side!

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