So, here are the other two everything tote bags.  I’m really kind of jealous of them, because they are so much better in the way of construction than my bag, but that’s ok.  I can always make another, and another!  The idea is, I will set these out on the sofa Wednesday night, so that when my sister arrives (presumably after we’ve gone to bed), she will have the option of picking one or the other.  The one she does not pick will be going to my grandmother for Mother’s day.  I can’t for sure decide which she’ll pick, but I’m going to guess the brighter one.  I’ll have to let you know when I get back! 

Here it is, Wednesday, and I took a nap last night instead of sewing, which meant the sewing had to get bumped in favor of laundry, packing, and Fringe.  So, as a result, my sister will only have the choice of one suprise item.  But I think that she would probably have picked this one anyway.  I’ll not have time tonight to finish the other.  Here is the one she’ll be getting:  

I’ve lent out my Weekend Sewing book to the second (or first?) clever girl, which is ok since I’ll be leaving shortly for Key West.  Hopefully she’s finished with it by the time I get back from Key West!  Not to rush her or anything, but I’m excited to try something else from the book  when I get home from Key West.  

Did I mention I’m going to Key West?  Ha.   I’m really super excited about the trip, and even though I tend toward anxiety, I’m working hard to keep it at bay, instead just imagining the wonderful things that await me.  Like a room I don’t have to clean, and a pool, and the weather, and my current obsession: conch fritters!  Also, I checked the weather.  You can see for yourself how lovely it will be (at least through Saturday).

Current: Partly Cloudy
Wind: E at 5 mph
Humidity: 69%
Mostly Sunny
83°F | 74°F
Mostly Sunny
83°F | 74°F
Chance of Showers
83°F | 74°F
Chance of Showers
83°F | 74°F
I’ll be coming home on Tuesday. and Sunday and Monday don’t look much different than the above.  Aside from leaving my wonderful husband, I’m thrilled to be going.  I can’t say it enough, really.  Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.  
Thanks again, sis!  Hope you like your bag.


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