Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane.

Though I do know when I’ll be back again.  So, if I’m missing for a few days, don’t forget about me.  I’m leaving early Thursday morning, and will be returning Tuesday afternoon.  I’m very much looking forward to Key West, though not the plane ride there.  I’m a novice flyer, for one, and for two, I have a tendency toward motion sickness.  That and the general awkwardness of traveling, and security checkpoints and such. 

Does anyone have any experience with taking knitting or crocheting on a plane?  I thought I’d bring a little something along so that I had something to do on the plane as well as if there was any quiet time in the hotel.  I really don’t think a crochet hook would be classified as a weapon, and it looks like they are allowed by the TSA, but I’m still not sure.  I don’t want to be the girl who holds up the line.  See the things I worry about?

Anyway.  I might be making an appearance here before I leave, or while I’m gone (though the latter seems unlikely).  I would like to post the pictures of the suprises before I leave.  But I can’t post them until after my sister goes to work Wednesday night (since one of them is for her).

And when I get back, I hope to be even more regular with the posting, and certainly more prolific with the photos.  There will be no shortage of projects when I return, either, with 2 baby quilts to finish, and bags for the shop!

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