The everything tote, part 1.

To start, before I get into the bag talk, I just learned that I won Amber’s giveaway over on One Shabby Chick.  Thanks Amber!  I don’t usually win anything.  I’m excited to see what I get. 

So, I’ve started working on the everything tote back from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing.  I’ve cut out the pattern, sewn up the sides, put the two together, figured out the gathering, and am working on the binding phase.  I put it down last night because that got to be a little more precise than my tired brain and eyes could handle. 

Want to know my thoughts so far?  Here they are anyway! 

The pattern calls for 1 yard of fabric (though the book says 1/2, which Heather corrected on her website).  I bought 1 and 1/2 of each fabric just to be safe.  Sometimes I’m absent minded and/or want room to mess up since I’m not sure what I’m doing or looking at.  As it turns out, this was probably a wise decision.  I’m not sure that it would have worked out with only 1 yard.  It’s possible I traced the pattern wrong, but I don’t think I was off by that much.  I ended up having to use most of it. 

As far as the pattern itself,  I don’t get along with patterns.  I don’t know how to trace them properly.  I don’t have the right things to trace them with.  I don’t have the patience to do it right.  I decided to trace these pieces onto muslin though, then pinned them to the fabrics, then cut them out, and it went just fine.

I did double the piece for the pocket so that I could have a lined pocket.  I find it easier to keep things straight that way. 

The gathering part was way simpler than I imagined it would be.  And it didn’t need much gathering.  The picture lead me to believe there would be more. 

Then the binding.  It calls for both the outer fabric and the lining fabric.  I’m assuming this is just for bulk, or weight, or something.  I’m finding the bulk a little difficult to work with and press and what not. 

But I did it, and now I’m at the edge stitching part of attaching the binding.  My first pass wasn’t successful.  This is when I put it down and closed up shop for the night.  I’m thinking that maybe the zipper foot would be helpful?  In order to avoid dealing with the bulk?  And maybe to be able to see a little bit better? 

Suggestions would be very helpful.  I’m hoping to finish it tonight, and then, pictures!

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