Crunch Time.

I’ve got a busy couple of days ahead of me.  

Remember the surprise I was working on?  See picture for reminder.  Well.  I have to have it done by supriseSaturday at, oh, 5pm.  Maybe before that if I plan on showering before dinner.  Luckily, I have the day off tomorrow, although my original plan was not to spend the entire day sewing.  As it is,  I have about three quarters of the thing to quilt and I have to sew the binding on.  I’ve been doing it in little spurts because I’m afraid of killing my machine, and also afraid of making a mistake and not realizing it in time.  I’m not worried so much about the time it will take to quilt, it is the hand stitching of the binding that concerns me.  And I really want to get it done in time, especially since we will all be having dinner, and I’d like everyone to be there together to see it go to the recipient.  Who, by the way, is my mother.  I’m taking my chances here, but I’m 93% certain she doesn’t know about this blog.  Once I post a real picture of the whole thing, I’ll explain in more detail the process. 

Anyway, the point is, the four of us, plus our significant others, rarely all get together at one time.  Even though we all live within say, 20 miles of each other, schedules are so hectic that get togethers are tricky.  I want to be there when she sees it.  And I want my sister (who picked out the fabrics, etc.) to be there to see her see it as well.  So, even if it isn’t finished, it’s coming to dinner. 

The weather tomorrow will be nice, so an open window and some music and a sewing machine will be sweet treats.  It’ll be finished .    Even if I have to spend all day in front of the tv, hand stitching away, it’ll happen.   What a tradgedy!  😉  Mamma Mia, here I come!

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