A little history lesson.

Since I’m sitting here on the sofa, laid up with a swollen ankle that is getting an icing treatment, and not having to go to bed at the usual time because I’m off tomorrow (!!), I thought I’d occupy this time of immobility with a little talk about where I’ve been.

I’ve been crafting (attempting to?) for quite a while.  Many years.  I’ve always had this urge to create, whether it be music, or writing (I have 200 pages of a book I wrote, you know), or painting, drawing, photography.  You name it. Back in college I discovered crocheting.  I think it was my friend Melissa who offered to teach me.  However, she was insisting on learning “properly.”  As in, work on your chain for a week, make it perfect, then come back.  I didn’t have patience for that, so I ended up just diving in.  I made a few simple blankets, some scarves.  I have piles of granny square variations sitting in my basement.  The thing about crocheting, you see, is that it takes soooo loooong to finish something.  There’s a lot of counting.  I don’t have the attention span.  I tried knitting too, but I just can’t quite figure that one out.  I still have more yarn than one non-knitter should have, but I’m sure I’ll find something for it eventually.  Like amigurumi.  

So, then came clay, clay beads, glass beads, jewelry.  I actually made some things that weren’t too bad.  But then I moved home and had no where to do it, and that fell by the wayside as well.  That, and honestly, to get the really good beads and supplies, and make some really great stuff, you need money.  And I didn’t have that.  

Then, about two years ago, if that long ago, I decided I’d like to start quilting.  I was drawn to the fabrics.  That’s what really got me.  So, I bought a bunch of fabric, not knowing what I was doing, and a cheap sewing machine and some supplies, and I started cutting.  And cutting and cutting.  Millions of little squares, but I never got anywhere with it, and then life happened, and we bought a house and had to move, and it just got sort of lost.  

Then, I don’t exactly remember what happened.  I think it started with the drape/curtain conundrum in our house.  I decided maybe I’d make some.  And then more fabric, and then a friend, and then pillows.   Then a set back.  Then more life.  Then, January.  And projects, and putting a plan into motion.  Bags, designs, quilts, two clever girls.  A quilt for a friend who was expecting, and a broken machine.  A new machine, and more quilts, bags, what have you.

The point is, it’s taken off rather quickly.  It was, a very short time ago, something I just wanted to do.  Now, it’s something that I just do.  I even have a room in my house devoted to it!  I spend my days thinking about what to make next.  I love that I can make myself something on a whim.  New bag?  No problem!  I love that I can make a friend or family member something that I made.  Something that they know I took time on, that I loved, that I’ve given to them because I love them.   And it gives me something to do, that I enjoy doing, that I apparently don’t mind doing.  It takes up my spare time, and my not-so-spare time.  It pleases me.

This post has gotten entirely too long, but you can go here to see things in a little more detail, I guess.  To round this up nicely, and back to my desire to create, well, I’ve found my art form, I guess.  It turns out it doesn’t need to be paints and a canvas.  Not literally.  It can be fabrics and a machine.  A rotary cutter and an idea.  

In the end, I’m still creating, finding my outlet and my path.

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